Chartwells Kiosk Dining Service

Chartwells operates a lunch kiosk for families who wish to preorder lunches for their children.  Order forms will be available at the kiosk and online through a link provided on our school website.

Students will not be ordering directly from the kiosk.  All food must be pre-ordered.  Orders must be placed by Wednesday of the week prior to meal service. These orders are made on a weekly or monthly basis.  A limited item menu is available for daily orders that must be placed at the beginning of the day.  Order forms are available in your child's home room.  Food orders will be collected by teachers each morning and sent to the office.

Please attach exact change or cheque (payable to ‘Chartwells’) in an envelope/baggie marked with your child’s name and grade.  Students will be eating in their classroom/boot room.  All food orders will be delivered to the classroom at lunchtime.


Chartwells link to order on line

Please choose Mitford for the school




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