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I teach grade 8 Homeroom and Grade 7 & 8 Language Arts, Grade 7 & 8 Social Studies, Grade 8 Health & Bible, and 7/8 Exploratory Courses.


I have been teaching full-time at CCA since 2019. In 2007, when I graduated from UNB/St. Thomas University, I have had the pleasure to teach a wide array of courses over the years (from PUFF to grade 12 Environmental Science), but my specialty, and my passion, is working with 7 & 8 Language Arts and Social Studies.


I am originally from New Brunswick and moved to Alberta in 2014. As a Christian, a mother, a grandmother and a teacher, I know the importance of having answers to the difficult questions that can arise during the adolescent years. I am excited that I get to teach and inspire my students through the lens of a Christian Worldview here at CCA.


I've done some exciting things over the years while I earned my Undergraduate and Education degrees at UNB which, if you ask my students, have made for some great stories. The one story that my students love to hear about took place in 2005 when I embarked on a field course to Bimini, the Bahamas for a week to learn about Shark ecology and physiology. During that course, I swam with a variety of sharks which included two of the deadliest sharks, Tiger and Bull. I came to see these magnificent creatures for the endangered/threatened animals that they are and understand that they were not the monsters that we are constantly told they are.  I took another field course the next year to study the ecology and wildlife of Belize. I absolutely love God's creation and learning how we can be better stewards of God's world while also caring for our fellow human beings. I also have a passion for politics and history.


I believe strongly that all students can grow and learn regardless of their challenges. There needs to be a collaborative investment from parents, the school and the student to meet goals, but ultimately, with hard work, progress can happen. I want my students to be lifelong learners who seek out answers in constructive and informed ways. To help achieve this in my classrooms, I strive to nurture a classroom community that is caring and respectful; a safe place where students can take risks with their learning. I also get to know my students as much as I can so that I can tailor my teaching to their interests and challenge them to reach for excellence in all their learning.


I look forward to this year and seeing the many ways that God will work to bring blessing into the lives of those we are spending our days teaching and caring for here at CCA.


If you need to reach me you can email me at:

email : or phone: 403-932-5177

Helpful Study Tips for Parents:

A family atmosphere prevails at our school with the education of your child being a shared responsibility.  We encourage your interest in what your child does each day and welcome your involvement in the classroom, school council and at home.

  1. Please encourage your child to practice their reading and writing on a regular basis. Students are required to read for 25 minutes/5 nights a week to help build up their reading rigor. This can look different for different families, as some students may read for 2 hours in one sitting to complete this, while others need the regular time each day.

  2. Check out the Learn Alberta website for learning activities to do at home.

  3. Stay up to date on Powerschool and/or Google Classroom to track your child's progress.
  4. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions about homework or other assignments. Send an email if you need clarity on anything related to your student's learning/progress.
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