A Christian philosophy of education is basic to the existence of Cochrane Christian Academy.

A Christian Education Partnership

A fundamental key to the success of Cochrane Christian Academy is the partnership between the school, students, parents, and church.

Cochrane Christian Academy Covenant

Why a Christian School?

A Christian philosophy of education is basic to the existence of Cochrane Christian Academy. We trust that you have chosen our program to help you fulfill your responsibility as parents to provide God-centred and Christ-honouring education for your children. The task and responsibility of the home in raising children and
educating them is firmly established in the Bible. (Exodus 12: 26, 27 and Deuteronomy 6: 6, 7)

In modern times, the necessity of educating our children in the Lord is even more important as the Scripture says deception and false teaching will abound (2 Timothy 3:1). Christian parents face a formidable task in educating their children in a Godcentred, Christ-honouring fashion. For this reason, they have joined hands with other Christian parents to provide the kind of education that God has given them responsibility to provide. So, Christian parents send their children to a school where a teacher may stand ‘en loco parentis’ - that is ‘in place of the parents.’ It is from this injunction that Cochrane Christian Academy takes its authority for existence.

Please read the following information carefully to determine if Cochrane Christian Academy is the best fit for your family. The bottom portion of this document allows parents to sign the Parent Covenant and make a commitment to Christian education.

An Extension of the Home

The Christian School is an extension of the home. The teacher is to exercise the authority in the classroom that a parent would. Children are to obey their teacher as they would respect and obey their parents. Scripturally, the authority to educate belongs to the parents; they delegate authority to the teacher for the time the student is
in attendance at school.

Parents who send their children to a Christian school must guard against the danger of letting the school be the substitute for the Christian home. The Christian school is a supplement to the teaching and training of the home and is not to take the place of the home in teaching and training. The Christian family is the basic unit God has provided for the Christian education of children. The instruction and example of parents in the home is still the foundation. Properly viewed, Christian education is partnership education; that is, the home and school working together.

Thank you for the honour and the trust you have given to Cochrane Christian Academy. It is our prayer that our school will be a living example of the truth of Christ before your children.  As a school, we recognize the challenge found in 2 Timothy 3:16-17: ‘All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good
work.’ (NIV)

Christian School Environment

A child’s character is affected by the quality of his earliest environment. Cochrane Christian Academy offers an environment that encourages character development pleasing to the Lord.

A child is also strongly influenced by the role model of significant adults and friends in his/her life. Cochrane Christian Academy provides role models in Christian teachers and friends who share the parent’s values, beliefs and desires for the child.

A child matures intellectually and spiritually as he/she is trained to discern right from wrong, good from evil. At Cochrane Christian Academy, knowledge is integrated with the truth of Jesus Christ. A Bible-based lifestyle is modeled in contrast to the world’s relative morals and values.

A child becomes a whole Christ-like person in response to love. Cochrane Christian Academy encourages commitment to Christ and behavior that shows the result of God’s love in both faculty and students.
The school agrees to work closely with parents or guardians in helping the students to learn and to solve their school related challenges. This will include providing competent teachers, a full and balanced curriculum, regular reporting, supervision of the students and the school, and cooperation with the home.

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