Child Development Advisor

Hello!  My name is Michelle Kachur and I am the Child Development Advisor (CDA) at Cochrane Christian Academy!  Positive mental well-being is an important part of the academic and emotional growth of children, an initiative supported across all RVS schools.  CDA’s have specialized training in many aspects of child development and mental health, which is tailored to the needs of every student.  My professional background includes a masters in counselling psychology, with an extensive background on childhood/adolescent neurodevelopmental disorders.  Having a history of supporting students from K - 12, I firmly believe that all students deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

As a Christian school, I am dedicated, along with our amazing staff, to promoting the values and teachings of the God to our students.  With 5 years’ experience in Christian programming, I assist our students in a variety of ways:

  • Well-being check-ins
  • 1-on-1 discussions (i.e., peer conflicts, grief, coping skills)
  • Small groups (i.e., self-esteem, emotional regulation, friendship skills)
  • In-class observations
  • School-wide projects
  • Risk-assessment
  • Leadership
  • Community stewardship (i.e., Grandparent Program/ volunteering Bethany Care Centre)
  • Fireplace Leader
  • Parent-teacher collaboration

I strive to communicate with parents in an open and honest way, facilitating healthy relationships, with the goal of supporting not just students, but the family as a whole.   My objective is to provide a safe space for all students whenever needed, free from judgement, unconditional positive regard, and the firm belief God is always there to guide us in our times of need and to celebrate our successes as When we turn to Jesus Christ, we are able to do things we never dreamed were possible.  Or survive things we wish we never had to face (Philippians 4:13).

Please feel free to contact me at or (403) 932-5177.

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