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Thank-you for taking the time to read the following information about CCA’s music program.  In the Alberta Program of Studies Music Curriculum, the main emphasis of the General Learning Expectations is for all students to have an enjoyment of music, as well as gaining an awareness and appreciation of a variety of music, to experience insights into music through meaningful musical activities, self expression and creativity, and to gain musical skills and knowledge.  (Alberta Program of Studies, Music Elementary 1989,B1)  “Music is divided into five elements.  They are as follows:  rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expression.  A positive attitude towards music is encouraged and nurtured by students having success in singing, playing instruments, listening, moving, reading and writing and creating music. “

(Alberta Program of Studies, Music Elementary, 1989,C1)

Cochrane Christian Academy is equipped with some great resources which I have the privilege of sharing with the children at school each day.  One of these resources is called Game Plan written by Randy Delelles and Jeff Kriske.  It is an interactive moving program for the younger grades.  For the older grades, there are other great resources by Denise Gagne and Edmonton Public School Board that I use and these are geared towards the older grades.  In addition to great resources, I make certain that all grades of children get the chance to explore singing, moving, playing instruments and a variety of other musical activities during the music classes.

Music is a subject where students are engaged and creativity is encouraged.  Students who take private music lessons are also encouraged to come into class and perform for other students.  Grades 4 and 5 learn to play the recorder.   All students in music class learn various songs and play the Orff classroom instruments.  Orff instruments are instruments that were specifically designed for children by the composer Carl Orff.  The instruments are soprano and alto glockenspiels, soprano, alto, tenor and bass xylophones and metallophones.  In addition to instruments, we do a lot of movement, as well as some singing and projects and assignments for the older grades.  Students are also given opportunities to perform throughout the school year at the Remembrance Day Ceremony, Christmas Concert, and Easter Chapel.  Music is meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone!  I believe that by using all the wonderful resources that this goal is achievable and students will gain an appreciation of music in our society and world!   Below is a list of ways that students are 21st Century Learners and Musicians in Music!


I am a  Twenty-First Century Musician!

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