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Cochrane Christian Academy and Mitford school share Media Centre/Library resources.

CCA/Mitford School Learning Commons

The aim of the Media Centre is to have resources accessible for all students so they may enhance and enjoy their learning and research while equipping themselves with the tools and skills necessary for life-long learning. We also hope to impart the joy of reading for meaning and for leisure, in order to expand their literary horizons. Students enjoy weekly trips to the school library. Students have the opportunity to select books from both the CCP library on the mezzanine as well as from the regular collection on the bottom floor. They will visit the library each week and are permitted to borrow two books each week for a three-week duration.

Regarding book selection, it is our intention to develop the library collection in a reasonable manner, taking into consideration the curriculum and its extending resources and support materials, as well as the needs and interests of the students. We shall endeavor to be thoughtful about our choice of materials realizing that we are appealing to a wide range of reading levels and experiences, maturity, lifestyles, and particular reading interests. While we desire to provide students with the opportunity to access a larger selection of books than what the classroom offers, it is understood that not all materials in the regular school library are suitable for the Christian Program. We have likened it with students to the Scholastic Book Club order catalogues that offer a selection of books, some of which are not consistent with Christian beliefs and values.

Parents are requested to be aware of the choices your children are making and be a partner in sharing their reading experiences while demonstrating direction and guidance. Students will be supervised by teachers when in the library. Every effort will be made to ensure students are making appropriate choices. If we feel a student’s choice of a book falls into a ‘grey’ area, we will request that you notify the school of your parental approval for that particular book or series of books. While this book type may be permitted to be signed out and taken home, it may not be permitted in the classroom.

Our Media Centre also supports a computer mini-lab. Its function is to complement the focus of computer learning, allow for some Internet use, and to aid in completion of assignments. There is an orientation for all students to ensure they are aware of library expectations and procedures. We appreciate any assistance parents give their children to help meet their responsibilities, and therefore, make optimum use of all their library privileges.

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